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How to prepare your child for GATE and IQ testing
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"Thank you! My child used your tests and got into the GATE program at our school on his second try after just missing the cutoff on his first try." - Ellen C

"When I look at all the things that I spend my money on for my child, the test preparation I bought on this site is the one that could actually change her life." - Travis F

"Thank you for providing a great online resource for the kids. My third grader is really enjoying the tests and he is learning a lot from the different types of questions. I must add that I am very impressed by your quick response times and overall customer service. My only request for improvement would be that you add more sample tests to your site. Thanks again!" -Katy M

About the author:


I'm a Harvard graduate and a parent of three wonderful children. But when it came to finding online resources to help my kids for GATE testing, I found virtually nothing. I had worked for a college prep testing company and decided I could do a better job preparing my kids for the test.

My fourth grader took my practice tests and scored a 140 on the actual test. Give your child a similar edge!

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Gravatar example you're a parent of a bright elementary school student who is planning to take the GATE test or a similar gifted child examination. You've found the right site! Try our free sample test and if you like it there is an additional test for purchase.

The GATE test is used by many public school districts including several in California and New York State. It is an IQ test for kids based upon the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT). The tests measure basic math, reasoning and verbal skills and are typically given in the 3rd through 5th grades. I designed these practice tests after studying actual tests and using their methodologies.

The New York Times confirms that "Test-Taking" is the best test preparation

In a recent scientific study reported by the New York Times, it was shown that students who prepared for an examination by taking tests based on the actual exam scored significantly higher on the exam than students who were simply taught the underlying subject matter.

You can read this fascinating New York Times article from the NYTimes website here, which will open in a new window.

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